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outdoor advertising in Cape Town
Outdoor media Cape Town

Giant Ads Outdoor Media

Outdoor media is our thing. As a 16 year old established business within the Out of Home arena, Giant Ads’ main focus has been on the production, marketing and selling of outdoor advertising space in the Western Cape. With our comprehensive knowledge of South Africa’s zoning regulations, environmental criteria, and the ever changing by-laws, we strive to secure the most appropriate sites to fit our client’s needs.

Premium Billboards

Billboards are big enough to stand on their own, or they can act as the anchor point of a broader multi-media campaign. These larger than life spaces offer exciting creative possibilities to display your message in dramatic fashion.

Wall Ads

Often located in busy urban centers, advertising on walls provides the opportunity to access important business and tourism areas, the size to stand out from other media, and the ability to reach large audiences on a repeated basis.

Container Billboards

Whether you want to establish you brand in the market, announce a product launch, or reach a targeted audience, container ads can deliver in a BIG way! We have hundreds of sites in the townships. The containers are existing micro businesses supporting their local communities as hair salons, cell shops and  spaza shops etc. If you want you advertising to be impactful and in the buzzing heart of the community. This is the cost effective route to go.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards cannot be ignored, whether it’s on the main highway, driving around the city, at a shopping centre, a sporting events or at the beach. Wherever your target audience congregates we can take your message and brand directly to them. There are a myriad of graphic options to choose from that we can have printed right onto the billboard. You’ll be thrilled with how stunning it looks and the impact it will have on anyone who sees it.